Tanya believes in giving back to her industry and supporting specific charities

Acceler8 Social Enterprise

Through the Acceler8 Program, Tanya will fund local and internationally based education projects that empower young women by improving their financial literacy. 


CPA Public Practice Advisory

Tanya has been a member of this Advisory Committee for nine years. In this role she provides CPA with advice and strategies to enhance the reputation of members working in the Public Practice sector.

Mater Foundation

Tanya and her husband Jason are long term supporters of the Mater Hospital and Mater Foundation. They regularly participate in Mater fundraising efforts.


CPA Residential Program

For nearly two decades Tanya has contributed to the CPA Residential Program as a key participant, facilitator and speaker. Through this role she has helped hundreds of young accountants grow professionally. 

Inca Trek for Cancer

In 2015 Tanya and her husband participated in the Inca Trek for Cancer. They raised over $20,000 to provide a better quality of life for patients diagnosed with prostate cancer.


Xero Partner Advisory Board

 As a member of the Xero Partner Advisory Board, Tanya provides feedback on product direction and partner strategy for Xero, as well as acting as a sounding board for strategic direction for the industry.


Chicuchas Wasi school for girls in Cusco, Peru

In 2015, Tanya traveled to a small rural town in Peru called Cusco, to visit a very unique school for girls called Chicuchas Wasi. This school was officially established in 1997 and its mission is to promote gender equality, self-esteem and human dignity for indigenous girls of rural Cusco, by educating, empowering, and preparing them for economic independence and unlimited opportunity.

The purpose and success of this charity in arresting young girls from a life of poverty through education absolutely resonated with Tanya. She saw first hand how far a small financial donation can go in a country like Peru. The whole experience inspired Tanya to develop her passion to help young girls and women to achieve financial freedom through education. The seeds for expanding the Acceler8 Program to reach more women were sown here.

Tanya continues to champion the cause of educating and empowering women by improving their financial literacy.